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Welcome Year 2022! I decided to share with you some tips on how to make your home look and feel more beachy for the year 2021. Well, this can be especially for somebody who lives near the coast but doesn’t get the right vibe(you better read this carefully). The main colors for this year are white, gray, and silver. Additional colors for support are terracotta, light yellow, sandy, and, beige. You’ll notice the absence of colors blue and green (which usually represent the color of the seas), but that’s definitely fine. We’ll surely be able to achieve the breezy vibe with the colors mentioned above.

KITCHEN and DINING ROOM A white-colored wall will make it simpler and easier to pair up with kitchen accessories, the coastal theme. It can resonate with the ambiance of white sand or the vast sky. Pair it up with gray shelves and cabinets. Add up some wooden folding counter chairs. Put a rattan light fixture above the counter table. Here’s an additional tip, if you can’t find the said light fixture, try a DIY jute string lantern. Use colors yellow and beige. LIVING ROOM White or Light Yellow walls will make the lounge more open just like the beach. Choose a segment or partition that you simply can design with some seashells patterns. Aside from your sofa, add one piece of a light-colored wooden couch, it’ll function as an accent to space. A further tip, put some white sand in a small fishbowl and add some shells and pebbles to it. Place a white or beige candle to it, too. This will serve as a candle holder. BEDROOM For this room, a gray-colored wall will make it feel more serene and comfy instead of boring and bland. Hang a dreamcatcher with shells that accessorized it. Make use of light yellow or beige curtains for your windows for a sunny feeling. Want something more personalized? Give your dresser a makeover. Repaint it with a shade of gray that’s nothing glossy or smooth. A raw or distressed finish leaves an impression like it withstands countless waves of the ocean. BATHROOM Glass wall partitions on white-colored walls won’t just make it appear more spacious, but will also give the illusion of the sea. Use some white shower curtains too! Try a vase with pebbles and some palm plant as an accent to your bathroom. Embellish your mirror with lots of oyster shells. I hope that you simply find the following tips useful in revamping your home the breezy beachy way. If you’d like to share another tip not mentioned above, please feel free to message us, and we can add them to our next features. Stay tuned for more interesting tips and tricks for your floors and home design ideas.

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