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It has been more than half a year since the pandemic hit us hard. We all had to adjust. Some of us resort to planting (which is good by the way). And by planting I don’t just mean in the garden, some even at their very home... with the indoor plants.

So having some greens inside our home is nice. It brings an aesthetic touch as well as giving us some health benefits. It is capable of relieving stress and worries. It is a fun and productive hobby.

But how does it affect our floors?

Plants inside actually help accentuate our floors. They can fill the space without the need for other furniture. The warmth that the floor gives, and the cozy air that the plant releases, set the mood of our home.

Having to deal with these, here are some of the things that we should have or know.

Avoid overwatering the plants. Some may require an abundant amount of water, so please try to bring them somewhere else (the laundry area, maybe), then just return them to their beautiful spot afterward. This will prevent spillage on the floor.

Have something in between the floor and your plants (you can try a tray). Since pots usually have holes underneath (this is where the roots can breathe and serves as a drainage for excess water too), this may also cause spillage that is unnoticed until you lift the pot. For non-spillage resistant kinds of flooring, this kind of incident may cause some stains or even damage.

Choose a sturdy pot for your plants. If you’re living with children or pets, they may accidentally knock down the plants and may result in unwanted accidents. Strong wind is also able to cause them to fall (remember, many pots are breakable).

Just as in watering, fill your pots with just enough soil for your plants’ nourishment. Too much soil may end up on the floor (and that means dirt). Clean your floor regularly to remove mud or fallen leaves off the ground.

There’s no need to worry about your plants and your floor if you think that they won’t get along. Follow the reminders above, and that will be a good starter.

If you’re still unsure of what flooring would best suit having indoor plants, you can leave us a message and we’ll be happy to assist.

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