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Myths vs. Facts About Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is known as one of the best and widely used flooring. So if you’re planning on having one, you must have heard a few things about it. Let me help you get things straight before it gives you doubt. Hardwood is Expensive (Myth) (Fact) * Its initial cost will certainly be peripheral when it comes to the advantages of the hardwood floor. And as time passes by, its value also increases. Many buyers would opt for a house having hardwood floors, so as an owner, you will have no difficulty selling. It's definitely a good investment. Hardwood isn’t suitable for pets or for children (Myth) (Fact) It is suitable for any lifestyle! There are great ways on how to prevent scratches from pets, especially if you trim their nails. About having stains, being able to address them instantly will surely leave no permanent problem. As for children, hardwood is one of the highly suggested for them. Never For the Kitchen (Myth) (Fact) You can always consider hardwood for the kitchen. Though hardwood isn’t made to match with water, you can opt to use a rug to avoid direct contact of spills to it. When cleaning, use a microfiber cloth instead of a wet mop.

Scratches are Forever (Myth) (Fact) Any type of flooring can be subject to scratches. But with hardwood, there is a remedy for it. There is a process called refinishing which can help in maintaining its immaculate appearance. Now that you know the truth about hardwood flooring, are you ready for an installation? We at Newport Coast Flooring would be very glad to assist you.

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