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Traditional Vinyl vs. Luxury Vinyl

The traditional vinyl flooring, also referred to as the standard vinyl flooring had been the best choice of flooring for many years in places such as the kitchen, laundry, and even bathroom where there is moisture. The traditional flooring then was made of a thin layer of vinyl and coated with a protective cover. Because of the thickness (or we could say thinness), it has been prone to tear and felt hard underfoot as it offers less cushion especially when installed with a concrete base. These made the evolution to Luxury Vinyl possible. One major difference is the thickness, as Luxury Vinyl is 5x thicker than traditional vinyl. Giving it a good cushion for the floor. If the traditional vinyl comes in a large sheet or square tiles, luxury vinyl is either in plank (LVP- luxury vinyl plank) or tile (LVT- luxury vinyl tile) form depending on the design. LVP designs aim to mimic that of the hardwood flooring, while LVT designs resemble ceramic or stone flooring. The development of standard vinyl to luxury vinyl made it a better competitor of laminate flooring that’s the second-best option after hardwood and ceramic tiles. When it comes to appearance, luxury vinyl is better, though they may look the same, in the long run, since standard vinyl is thinner, it easily wears off. Both are heat and water-resistant, but since the standard vinyl comes in sheet, it’s an advantage because there are lesser seams where water may penetrate and cause damage. Cleaning will just be the same for both. A little sweeping or vacuum each day, and mopping weekly to keep it clean. Just make sure when there are spills or stains, wipe it instantly to avoid permanent damage. One thing you’d love about them is that both don’t require waxing. Because of their difference in thickness, luxury vinyl is more durable than standard vinyl. Installation is different. Standard vinyl uses glue to secure it to its base. While luxury vinyl uses the same technology of click-lock like that of laminate flooring, that makes it easier. As the name suggests, luxury vinyl is more expensive than standard vinyl. The cost for standard vinyl is cheaper, but if you consider a DIY, it may cost you more. Luxury vinyl is a better option than standard vinyl, so it’s a better investment both for looks, style, and comfort. I hope you learned from the differences we stated above. If you’re planning on installing luxury vinyl at home, Newport Coast Flooring would be very glad to assist. Please feel free to leave us a message and avail of our free estimate.

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